Logan Mediation & Consultation

​​Dr. James Logan 
holds a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology and has practiced many years as a family therapist, having assisted families with resolving difficult matters of both living together and living through the process of a divorce. He is a practitioner member of the Association of Conflict Resolution and trained at Coast to Coast Mediation in San Diego under Don Mohr and Elizabeth Allen, recognized nationally as foremost proponents of the mediation process and authors of the book, Affordable Justice.

Mediation offers much to those trapped in a difficult divorce dispute.  Clients are assisted with dispute resolution which solves issues and barriers that impede a just settlement. This process is beneficial for the participants and especially so for children.  While the court system is often lengthy and antagonistic, the mediation process moves quickly to resolve issues fairly.

There is Nothing Easy About Divorce
but, through the cooperative process of mediation, a neutral professional can help you and your spouse reach a settlement at lower cost, in less time, with less conflict. 

Though wounds of a divorce frequently last for years, I strongly believe in a conciliatory approach to the process and, in so doing, the raw emotions present in a divorce can be reduced allowing the participants to move forward with their lives.  I encourage you to call me if you have further questions or would like to arrange for a consultation.